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League Suspension Update

The management committee met last night as scheduled.

After our last meeting when we suspended all league matches until Monday 18th January 2021 we were informed by the FA/Berks & Bucks FA that football at our level was to be suspended until further notice.

We have now made a decision that if/when the FA/Berks & Bucks FA allow football to re commence we as a league will give clubs a minimum of 2 weeks notice of our intention to start playing again.

The format of how we will complete the season will continue to be discussed over the next few weeks by the management committee, the options we offered was very unclear, the 3 options were pretty evenly spread. For option A we had 11 likes, for option B we had 13 likes, for option C we had 10 likes and we had 5 clubs who made it clear they would go with the preferred decision of the management committee. One club failed to respond.

When a final decision on the format to continue the season has been made we will convey it to the clubs, we as a management committee would if at all possible like to offer our clubs some competitive football this season.

The league are seeking a new treasurer. Jan Verschuren has held the position now for a number of years but has re located back to Holland. With the introduction of Brexit he feels it may be prudent for the league to actively look to fill this important post with someone based in the UK.

If you know of anyone who maybe interested please forward details to

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